A Glimpse Of The Top 5 Motorcycle Movies Of All Time

Who doesn’t like to watch motorcycle movies – they are generally adventurous, splattered with action, sometimes comical, lined with a bit of drama, and an inspiration for many who dream to travel around the world on their nasty little chopper. There are numerous movies on motorcycling out there, and admittedly.

you notice more motorcycles on the roads these days than cars in real life. The trend of motorcycling is steadily growing, and it won’t be long before the four-wheelers are chucked for good. Let us take a look at the five motorcycle movies that have inspired townsfolk to trade their car for a two-wheeled ride.

– The Motorcycle Diaries: A fascinating movie depicting the early life of one of the most famous revolutionaries in the history of mankind. You might know Che Guevara as a Marxist revolutionary, a diplomat, and even as a physician. you know that this hero of a million hearts was also a traveler.

who explored the country on a motorcycle? 

The Motorcycle Diaries’ traces the journey of Che Guevara throughout South America on his dream machine, the Norton 500, which inspired him to realize his ambition. Gael Garcia Bernal acts as the protagonist in this exhilarating biopic by director Walter Salles.

– Mad Max: This is one of the most invigorating motorcycle movies, which was ironically a low budget feature. Ironical, because the mean machines used to and still do, come at exorbitant prices; and this movie features a host of them machines. Interestingly, Kawasaki donated their range of motorcycles to do their bit to finance the cult classic.

Mel Gibson (not even remotely as famous then as he is today), acts like a cop seeking vengeance from a motorcycle gang for murdering his friend, his wife, and his child. It showcases the gloomy future set in the wastelands of Australia.

– Easy Rider: A road movie at its best. ‘Easy Rider’ features Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, who had incidentally distributed the writing, production and direction parts amongst themselves, as motorcycle enthusiasts and smugglers.

They try to reach New Orleans from Los Angeles after acquiring a huge amount of money from a recent trade. The movie traces the road life of these two men on their choppers, as they experience some curious and shocking circumstances on their way.

– The World’s Fastest bike: The movie tells the story of Burt Munro from New Zealand, who built the motorcycle, with the aid of which he set the land-speed world record at Utah’s Bonneville’s Salt Flats. It stars Anthony Hopkins as the protagonist, in one of his finest performances.

It’s a feel-good movie that is certain to light up the passion of motorcycling in you. While the box-office numbers may not be the judge of most movies out there, they do complete justice to this movie in particular. If motorcycling was ever a passion, it couldn’t have been better noticed than that in Burt Munro.

There is one more movie that deserves a mention among these classics – ‘The Great Escape’. It is not an out-and-out motorcycle movie, but Steve McQueen, the lead actor, rides the Triumph motorcycle while outrunning the Germans, which was one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

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