A Technology That Is Helping Trucking and Transportation

Did long haul truckers ever let their minds wander as they plied the open roads of our great nation and wonder, “What if in the future we had the ability to send things, invisibly, through midair, around the world, without any type of vehicle operson delivering them. Things like our voices, music, photos, or documents, as if by magic, they could be sent from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

Maybe one day, in the future.”

From the Past into the Future

After World War II the entire world was on a fast-paced move to modernize and rebuild. Technologies only dreamed of before the war, were now becoming commonplace. During the ’50s mankind was pushing the limits of rocket and communication technology by launching the first satellites into orbit.

Extremely crude and unsophisticated by today’s standards, these orbiting experimental platforms would provide the research and development that ushered in the information and data transmission culture that permeates today’s world. Vast numbers of highly sophisticated satellites locked in geosynchronous orbits send and receive every manner of digital information in the blink of an eye and inform you within just a few feet where you are.

The Future Has Arrived!

With the invention of personal computers, cell phones, and sophisticated software, the trucking and transportation industry began to see ways how to improve business. Since the 1980’s technologies for document scanning and transmission have undergone extreme changes.

Scanning machines once the size of a small refrigerator capable of only black and white transmission gradually morphed into small and sleek devices able to scan and retain in wide varieties of colors. Cell phone technology advanced from the initial “brick” to easy to use handheld marvels that are capable of greater computing power and data transmission than ever imagined possible even a decade ago.

Personal computers which were bulky and required numerous floppy disks to run a single program in kilobytes have transformed into laptop devices weighing just a few pounds and capable of running programs and software at lightning fast megabyte speeds with memory capacities in the gigabyte and terabyte ranges. In essence, the modern convenience of an entire office can now travel onboard the truck as a powerful, easy to operate tool requiring minimal space and little operational training.

In-Cab Scanning Redefines Doing Business of the Road:

In-Cab Scanning is an example of a technology that is helping trucking and transportation companies manage important documents quickly and accurately. Gone are the days of a trucker keeping stacks of reports and paperwork crammed in a metal clipboard to be turned-in and sorted back at the office when they finally returned from their route.

Drivers now have the ability to scan and transmit documents right from the cab of their trucks. Important, time-sensitive paperwork and reports can be instantly scanned and sent to corporate offices in real-time, such as:

• Proof Of Delivery Documents
• Trip And Mileage Reports
• Receipts
• Timesheets
• And Other Critical Customer Information.

Feeling the Beneficial Effects:

For drivers and corporate office alike, the In-Cab Scanning systems are convenient and simple to use. For the office staff, the integrated software is compatible with the back-end office systems making the workflow efficient and speedy. All of this ensures an expedited and highly accurate billing cycle as well as increased driver and customer satisfaction.

Other Benefits:

• Proof of delivery happens within a few hours instead of several days
• Costs, errors, and delays caused by manual entry are reduced or eliminated
• Saves time and out-of-route mileage
• Saves money on truck stop scanning fees
• Enhances driver experience and satisfaction
• Increases back-office productivity and efficiency
• Speeds up billing and payment cycles

The trucking industry is excited about the possibilities this new technology provides and how it greatly cuts costs and expenses while increasing efficiency and productivity. Drivers and companies are always looking for ways to refine

Enhance the transportation process to make their services more user-friendly for their clients. With the implementation of this type of modern technology, the transportation industry has created a better work environment for professional drivers and their corporate staff, which means better service for their customers.

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