Acura presents the ILX 2016 in Los Angeles

Acura took advantage of the Los Angeles Auto Show to present its ILX sport sedan with a new design and some new features for its 2016 model year.

Visually, there are some modifications that give the sedan “mouth”, such as Acura LED headlights that standardize the car with other models in the range. The interior does not change much, except for some new materials inside the vehicle.

The manufacturer has put a new 2.4-liter i-VTEC direct injection engine under the hood that produces 201 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. The 8-speed automatic transmission is currently the most efficient and the one that represents the biggest technological advance of the brand, among other things by significantly improving the gear change.

Acura wanted to modify car covers certain components such as sportier and stiffer handling and better soundproofing, all with the aim of increasing the experience and comfort of its passengers.

On the technology side, Acura added the Acura Watch system. These include Brake Assist, Pedestrian Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control and also assistance with lane deviation. The sports sedan will be delivered early next year in some markets.

Acura TLX 2015 First Contact – 3 for 1?

Although on the surface, it seems that there are two models at Acura that will be replaced by the TLX; the smaller TSX, and the wider TL, the reality is rather that the TLX represents three new models within the Acura range, mainly because of the three engines that will be offered on the model.

After years of development (five in all), the TLX is responsible for putting the Acura brand back into the sights of customers looking for a luxury sedan. The latter are currently focused on the purchase of an Audi A4, Infiniti Q50, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS and C-Class at Mercedes-Benz.

The TLX offers a lot of choices. Customers will have the chance to choose between two automatic gearboxes (one with double clutch and eight gears, the other with nine gearbox developed by ZF), two engines – one with four-cylinder in-line (206 horsepower, 182 lb-ft. ), or a V6 (290 horsepower, 267 lb-ft) – and the option of all-wheel drive depending on the version. On the other hand, you should know that the eight-speed gearbox is only available with the four-cylinder, which is only available with front-wheel drive only while the nine-speed gearbox is only available with the V6 (available in version AWD or front wheel drive).

Front-wheel drive models will also feature Precision All-Wheel Steer technology (P-AWS), a technology that allows the rear wheels to turn around 1.8 degrees.

Overall, the TLX has a muscular look accentuated by a short back, a broad silhouette and short cantilevers. The TLX also displays a subtle refinement that stands out in the small aesthetic details, including the “Jewel Eye” headlamps, already seen on the standard RLX sedan and MDX sport utility vehicle. These lighthouses were not unanimous when they were presented for the first time, both to consumers and the specialized press, but it seems that Acura was ahead of its time, because today Now, it is impossible to question the beauty of its lighthouses.

In return, an equally elegant front end ensures that the rest of the car has to work very hard to stand out visually, and the reality is that the TLX is not as distinctive when viewed from other angles. That being said, the sharp corners of the taillights and what Acura calls a “barrel cut” on each side helps to liven up the style when viewed from the rear three-quarter perspective. The two-tone-17-inch wheels for four-cylinder, 18-inch models for models equipped with the V6-are successful.

Inside, the cabin has several elements already seen on other Acura models. There is the same two-stage center console and two screens that already exists in the other Acura models, from the ILX to the RLX. In the TLX however, the wheel with which one interacts with the multimedia system is better integrated with the console for a more successful style. For V6 models, there are now buttons for P, D, R and N instead of a conventional lever. This is an addition that reduces clutter on the inside, in addition to reducing the chances of hanging your purse on a pesky lever. Four-cylinder models, on the other hand, are equipped with a more conventional speed selector.

You will notice however that there is no manual mode to the automatic transmission. To change the gear yourself, simply use the paddles on the steering wheel.

The position of the transmission speeds in the V6 models makes it easy to access a large storage space in the bottom of the center console. It is a two-level storage; one with a sticky surface perfect for mobile devices, the other deeper for valuables. There is also a USB port in this space. A deep central storage bin, a glove box with four cup holders, complete the rest of the storage units inside.

Due to a more compact differential, there is no bump on the boot floor at the rear as was the case with the TL. Several customers complained about this hump and its impact on the cargo space. The new TLX offers 405 Liters of trunk space, and it’s possible to fold the bench by pulling on the two handles in the trunk. In addition, the trunk loading threshold is reduced by 15%. Canadian TLX buyers receive options that are not available on models sold in the US such as a heated steering wheel, electronically folding exterior mirrors, heated rear seats, and headlamp washers. In terms of driving impressions, your satisfaction will depend on your expectations of the TLX.

The four-cylinder models are more agile because there is less weight forward. If you want even more performance, turn on the Sport + mode, which makes the gearbox react more quickly and adjusts the torque when shifting to enable less jerky power delivery. The 8-speed gearbox is certainly the most fun, but it’s unfortunate that it’s only available with the four-cylinder engine. This model is better balanced, but it does not offer all wheel drive. The P-AWS system helps a lot in agility, but it is not very useful in winter.

For a worry-free winter ride, look to the SH-AWD V6 AWD model. We noticed better fuel economy with the V6 engine compared to the four-cylinder, probably because of the cylinder deactivation technology that allows you to drive with only 3 cylinders if you do not need all the power of the V6.

If you are concerned about safety, be aware that the TLX can be equipped with a host of active safety systems, including a blind spot monitoring system with path deflection monitoring, an adaptive cruise control system, a safety warning device front collision and a perpendicular traffic monitoring system.


The new TLX starts at $ 34,990 for four-cylinder models while V6 models start at $ 39,990. You need $ 47,490 for a fully equipped V6 model with Elite Package.

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