Motorcycle Leather Saddlebags – How To Restore Them


Everyone wants to customize his bike according to his requirements. However, it is not always possible to do so. All those who are frequent travelers and go on a lot of journeys on their bikes can consider buying motorcycle leather saddlebags.

These motorcycle leather saddlebags are great options to consider for the bike owners who wish to store their useful items before they go out on a long journey. If you wish to restore these saddle bags then you can consider reading this article carefully.

Leather saddlebags – what are they all about?

Leather motorcycle saddlebags can be easily restored according to your needs. By conditioning and cleaning them properly, you can easily get a brand new look for your bike. Rain and harsh weather conditions can really have a toll on these saddlebags and so you should follow the down mentioned instructions carefully for doing the needful.

Instructions to restore them

• The first step that you can take is to wipe out all the loose debris or dirt off the saddlebag by making use of a dry cloth piece.

• Now, you should wet the cloth in some water and consider cleaning the saddle bag carefully. This is one of the essential points that you must consider doing.

• One of the most crucial things for you to do is to squirt some leather cleaner on the washcloth and wipe it carefully on the bag. You should do it section by section so that you are able to clean the saddlebag from inside as well as outside.

• The next thing that you can do is to clean every section of the bag properly using some nice soapy solution. A leather cleaner will really do well here.

• Once you are done with all this, you should give some time to saddlebag so that it can dry out properly.

• Now, it’s the time to condition the saddlebag carefully. Make use of some leather conditioner in order to generate some fine results in this regard. Rub all the areas carefully so that it gets cleaned up in a significant way.

• You can now consider cleaning the bag using a cotton towel. It should be done really softly so that the bag doesn’t get damaged in any case.

• Make sure you rub silver or chrome Concho on saddlebags in the proper circular motion. You should polish the leather carefully so that it starts shining all over again.

• At last, you should consider cleaning all the metal parts of the motorcycle leather saddlebag so that no area gets left out. It should be done properly so that no inconvenience is caused later on.

Make sure you go through the above-mentioned points carefully. These points are certainly going to help you in generating some fine results on the go. You need to carefully plan everything if you really wish to generate some fine results on the go. Have fun and enjoy riding your newly reinvented bike. This will be a great experience for you.

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