The Stock Exhaust System Versus the Customized Exhaust System

Most bike owners have this tendency of replacing their bike’s stock exhaust systems with customized exhaust systems. There are two main factors that influence this decision:

• To enhance performance, appearance, and sound
• Replacing parts or accessories

But as a bike owner, it is recommended that you don’t rush into the decision of replacing the stock exhaust system in case you step into warranty restrictions from the factory and also interfere with the back pressure which is the main challenge you will need to combat

The Back Pressure Problem
If you do not get the back pressure of the bike right when installing your new customized system, you may end up interfering with your engine’s performance as chances of having too much back pressure are high. Too much back pressure slows down the flow rate of exhaust gases which essentially translates to a slow down of your engine’s ability to expel used exhaust gases fast enough. A mix of the fresh air-fuel mixture with the used exhaust gases ultimately reduces the power of your engine.

The Stock Exhaust
Stock Exhaust Systems do have their benefits for those owners who do not have the desire to customize their bike exhausts. However, the merits are limiting.

The benefits the stock exhaust has is complementing the overall design of your bike and supporting its initial speed, horsepower, and performance capabilities.

However, if you do not want to be limited to the manufacturer’s performance specifications, you can opt for a customized exhaust system. This method has gained accolade over the years and has a noticeable difference in the manner in which your bike will perform.

The Customized Exhaust
You may have a different preference just like any other bike owner on why you would prefer the customized exhaust system. Most of the reasons bike owners have been known to refer to are;
• Shaving off weight from the muffler
• Increase in speed by increasing the bike’s horsepower
• Improvement in sound
• Aesthetic reasons

Motorcycle system modifications are usually carried out guided by specific reasons behind the modification. You can decide to improve your bike’s horsepower which will require that you obtain a free-flow or a higher performance muffler. What this change is the flow velocity of the exhaust gases which previously had restrictions from the manufacturer thus limiting horsepower.

The other modification that applies is changing the previous stock exhaust muffler into a lightweight muffler. Light mufflers made of titanium or carbon fiber have been tested and confirmed to increase a bike’s horsepower by reducing its overall weight.

Modification of the performance of bikes, however, varies for different types of bikes.

For a sports bike you may only require to install a slip on to enhance its performance while if you own a cruiser bike, you may have to install the entire customized exhaust system.

If you are in the category of cruiser bike owners, caution should be taken when tuning your exhaust system because of the back pressure and your engine’s power band. These two factors are crucial to your bike’s performance.

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